Our Food…

Our nurseries have the privilege of fulltime chefs taking care of the kitchens.

Our chefs actively encourage the children to join them in the kitchen where their able to learn some fantastic life skills! Children are taught the importance of fruit and vegetables and the need for a balanced, healthy diet. The children also learn the importance of germ control, in particular the need to wipe down surfaces and wash hands.
Here are some important points that we like to share with our parents about “Our Food”:
  • All our meals are made “in house” – nothing is brought in!
  • We don’t use any tinned sauces! All our sauces are made from scratch so “there are no added preservatives”
  • We cater for all dietary requirements, religious or otherwise
  • We have a 2 week menu which works on a 10 week rotational basis, thus giving all our children the opportunity to taste all our dishes. See example menu by clicking the button below
  • We offer a “world menu” – serving everything from English, Spanish, Greek, Italian, Japanese and Jamaican cuisines.
  • We “sneak” as many vegetables into the menu as possible without the children knowing ūüėČ

Should you require any further information with regards to any of the above please don’t hesitate to get in contact via phone or email or by sending us a message via our contacts page.

Sample Menu